#Honda EJ2

# Honda Project 

Hello everyone first of all I would like to invite you to know my project.
A modification of a vehicle that can be applied to other vehicles does not matter model and year.
This is a honda civic coupe model ej2 from year 1995.
As our house has a taste for electronics and the modification of it, we will modify the system of odometer by a digital with built-in gps system, an intelligent touch screen that will make the functions of start the car, control rpm consumption and more the air conditioning function, adding an audio system with a 10.1 inch display with a sound system of around 10000 watts with the help of 3 amplifiers.
the rest of the electrical system will be controlled by a mobile phone with start and stop opening and closing doors.
The alarm system will also be controlled by a mobile phone with a location and power cut system activated by the mobile phone.
I thank everyone for their support.
And stay with us both on the page and on our Facebook page Instragam and Youtube